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Advances in audio technology can bring amazing sound to the ear.  What we actually hear, however, is determined by the translation of that sound to electrical signals by an individual’s auditory nerve and how these signals are interpreted by the brain. 


Our patented NC Audio® software technology adapts and enhances the incoming sound to match the individual’s auditory system.


This neural enhancement is the next frontier in audio technology and will provide the ultimate audio experience.

All of the main competitor products use armature transducerswhich are inherently less reliable and produce crossover frequency issues that negatively impact sound quality

Our speakers deliver huge frequency response from boomingbass to sharply defined highs – usually only found in high end overthe ear headphones

SAAJE - Jamaican Recording Star

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Our passion about sound pushes us to provide the best audio experience for every individual by enhancing the sound from any source to match that individual’s personal auditory physiology.

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The performance of an individual's auditory system is dependent on its ability to handle loudness compression and non-linear contrast enhancement, as well its sensitivity thresholds. There are two types of gain equalization in NC Audio® - dynamic and static.

Divisive Normalization (Dynamic)
Provides audio contrast and adjusts tonal quality or 'color'.

Equalization (Static)
Moderates adaptive processing

Recognized by the H.E.A.R (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) organization for a siginificant step forward in hearing conservation due to increased clarity across a broad range that measurably reduces the need for excessive amplification.

Crystal Clear Audio Is A Proud Partner With CLAUDIO "THE MATRIX" MARRERO

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Crystal Clear Audio Is The Choice Of The Award Winning Band PLATINUM BLONDE